Google Pixel Watch

Google Launched Pixel Watch: What Should You Know?

The highly anticipated Google Pixel Watch is now on the market. After years of discussion, scrapped prototypes, and the acquisition of a Fitbit, Google now has a smartwatch of its own neatly integrated with its line of Pixel devices. What sets it apart from its competition? How does it function? Here are all the details you should know about concerning the upcoming Google Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch

Design of the Pixel Watch

Google’s first experiment with a surface wearable seems to strike a chord. The watch itself appears great: It has a circular design, unlike the square appearance of its competitor the Apple Watch. It is made of metal and comes in four different colors: Champagne Gold case and Hazel Active band, Matte Black case and Obsidian Active Band, Chalk Active band and Polished Silver case.

Google does not provide a dimension for the circular screen, nor a resolution, but it is an OLED screen with high (320 pixels per inch), Full HD resolution (up to 1,000 nits of brightness), which should be more than enough for outdoor visibility. The watch itself measures 41 mm in diameter and is 36 grams without the band. Customers can expect 32 GB of eMMC flash storage with 2 GB of memory.

The Pixel Watch allows the wearer to pick how many bands to put on it, using as many as 20 user-generated Google bands (although third-party options aren’t expected to become available in the near future). Unlike some other smartwatches, the appeal of the Pixel Watch’s bands lies not simply in the style but in their twist and click mechanism, which attaches them internally. Even though that approach might not be a novel feature for creating watches, it surely makes it a selling point.

How to work the Pixel Watch?

Not only is the Pixel Watch a mini smartphone experience on your wrist, but it also comes with Google Assistant functions. Google displayed how the watch could be used to adjust your thermostat from the Home application, open YouTube videos, view your inbox, use Google Pay, follow maps via Google, set alarms, and text.

Some of the apps that Google showcased incorporated Strava, adidas Running, Line, Strava, and Spotify. Hopefully, more Android apps made for the Watch will soon be integrated on Wear OS if Pixel Watch is seen as a hit.

The Fitbit wrist watch is made on the basis of Google, since the Google organization owns it. The watch relies on machine learning and deep learning to monitor your heart rate by the second. They admit that they can do this regardless of whether you will be doing exercise, while also maintaining an all-day battery life, which is, in fact, a full 24-hour day. That energy comes from a 294 mAh battery.

You can use this app to track the duration of your light sleep, REM, and active sleep. It also comes with Fitbit Premium and allows you to follow guided meditation content on your Fitbit Zip when you’re exercising. The app also provides workout readiness evaluations and helps you to better understand your various exercise activities to improve your workout performance.

The AFib identification function employs an ECG reader, and it has an emergency SOS feature. The Pixel Watch can have fall detection this year.

Pixel Watch cost?

The Pixel Watch uses the Pixel 3’s Google Pixel Watch for both sensors and screens. To order a Pixel Watch, you’ll require an Android device running a later OS version than Android 8.0.
The standard Pixel Watch costs $349, while the Pixel Watch with 4G LTE connectivity lists at $399. For six Staggs, you can also purchase three months of YouTube Music Premium, and the Pixel watch is highly recommended for using it.

The Pixel Watch is a great choice for people who maintain an Android phone like Pixel, but especially those who use Fitbit’s trackers. It offers all the right features of a Fitbit Pro, but with all the performance advantages of Intel’s Wear OS. Regardless of whether you’re not a Fitbit user, six month trial from Google allows you to become a Fitbit supporter.

The Google Pixel Watch is a major step for companies in the Android smartwatch industry. We’ll need to see how well it really works in the real world, and whether its sales reflect Google’s hopes for this shiny wearable.

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